College has been awarded grade ‘A’ for Cycle 2 of NAAC Accreditation.



NSS unit of SGND KHALSA COLLEGE has been active ever since the start of the college, with it's focus on living in the society, with the society and for the society, tenets which are very close to Guru Nanak Devji's philosophy of selfless service.

The Motto of NSS is "Not Me But You" which reflects the essence of self-less service. The philosophy of the NSS is well doctrined in this motto, which underlines/on the belief that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society on the whole and therefore, the NSS volunteers shall strive for the well-being of the society.

The main objectives of National Service Scheme (NSS) are:

  1. understand the community in which they work

  2. identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving

  3. develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility

  4. develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities

  5. gain skills in mobilising community participation

  6. acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes

  7. develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters

  8. practise national integration and social harmony

The College NSS team has been organising :

  1. Blood Donation Camps & Health Camps

  2. National Integration Programs

  3. Shramdan

  4. Adventure Programs

  5. Debates and Competitions on Socially-relevant Issues

  6. Cleanliness drives and Special Awareness programmes on the need to keep our environment clean and green

  7. Tree Plantation Days

  8. Awareness on women's issues and women empowerment by holding Talks, Lectures and other awareness activities



  1. NSS team of the college installed and represented College's stall at Antardhvani: A Multi- dimensional Cultural Festival, 2015.

  2. NSS students participated in the Yuva Meet 2015. The students participated in a students' action program on "Sustainable Solutions: Safe water for All" organised by TERI.

  3. NSS Volunteers participated in the Delhi Development Sustainable Summit.

  4. NSS team rendered all possible help to the organising team of the College Founder's Day.

  5. NSS Team of SGND Khalsa College undertook visits to a foundation, AASRA Foundation, which is “Helping people in despair”. The NSS students visited the Foundation and the camps adopted by the foundation. The foundation has adopted various colonies with underprivileged or physically handicapped children in the vicinity. The foundation aims at providing skill-based education to students coming from the below poverty line, mostly with some physical disability, aiming to make them self-dependant. The NSS students had eye-opening experiences; experiences that jolted them out of their complacency. They interacted with the differently-abled children who had not let their physical handicap come in the way to their establishing a place for themselves in the so-called ‘normal professional world’.

  6. NSS volunteers put up a help desk for all possible assistance to the admission seekers. The admissions process continued for more than a month and the NSS students, irrespective of it being summer vacations, were ever present to give any help to the admission seekers. A Cleanliness Drive, SwachhtaAbhiyan was conducted in the college and its vicinity, spreading to one and all the necessity of a clean environment for healthy growth of mind and soul.

  7. Kajal Sharma, B.A. (Hons.) Political Science IIIrd Year was selected for the prestigious Republic Day Parade. She represented Delhi University and is the only student to have been selected from the entire Delhi Zone. She was previously selected for pre-Republic Day Camp that was held in Sikar, Rajasthan from 24 sept. 2015-4 Oct 2015.

  8. NSS Day was celebrated on 24 September 2015. a march in and around the college campus was organised by the NSS volunteers, who undertook the responsibility of keeping the environs of their college campus clean.

  9. From September 24 to 30 September the NSS unit got into action by dedicating an entire week to awareness about cleanliness.In continuation of SwachtaAbhiyan: Special week long drive, SGND KHALSA COLLEGE NSS started a two-day slogan campaign inviting teachers, students and administrative staff to write slogans on the need and ways to keep our country cleaner and greener

  10. NSS Unit had NSS DAY CELEBRATIONS, on 25 September that took the cleanliness drive, started last year, to new levels with the student volunteers spreading the message of sanitation and hygiene through street plays, cleaning the campus and its vicinity and further holding talk sessions with the peer groups creating awareness for Dengue.

  11. CGNetSwara is a voice-based portal, freely accessible via mobile phone that allows anyone to report and listen to stories of local interest. SGND KHALSA COLLEGE NSS UNIT, and CGNetSwara co-organised a performance of a play on 16 October 2015, that depicted the problems faced by the adivasis on a daily basis. The play was enjoyed by a huge crowd of SGND KHALSA COLLEGE students and the thought provoking ideas presented in the play roused many minds to think beyond their cocooned and comfortable lives.

  12. NSS UNIT OF SGND KHALSA COLLEGE celebrated RASHTRIYA EKTA DIWAS for two days 30 October and 31 October, 2015. Various cultural and academic events were organised on both the days. A debate Competition, Article Writing Competition, Rangoli Competition, etc. were held on both the days. All the events focused on the contemporaneous issues of National Identity, Harmony. The two days gave the students a platform and chance to express their opinions on the subject, besides opening various arguments and conflicts about which the youth requires to be sensitized. The Principal, Dr. Man Mohan Kaur, also disseminated her views on the need for today's youth to recognize his social responsibility.

  13. Constitution Day also known as SamvidhanDivas, is celebrated in India on 26 November since 2015. On this day in 1949, Constituent Assembly of India adopted Constitution of India which later came into effect since 26 January 1950.[1]As per the directive from the Department of Education and Literacy, preamble of the constitution was read in the College by all students on this day. In addition there was a lecture on salient features of the Constitution. NSS UNIT of SGND KHALSA COLLEGE organized the Constitution Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of B. R. Ambedkar. Lectures were delivered by the Principal, besides two lectures by Dr. Deepak Sharma from the Department of Political Science and Ms. HarpreetBahri Grover, Department of English. The program concluded with a talk and discussion wherein the students understood the significance of our Constitution in making us more aware of our rights and duties and helps us become better citizens.

  14. Another feather in the cap of our NSS team; NSS UNIT SGND KHALSA COLLEGE wins second position in Street Play in the MATDATA MAHOTSAV at Central park, organized by MHRD. And NSS Street Play team is separate from Nepathya, the College street play team. Chairman of election commision of india.


The following events were organized in the college:

  1. A documentary on Swami Vivekananda and his philosophy

  2. NukkadNatak on the role played by the youth on social issues

  3. Declamation Contest

  4. Debate Competition

  5. A talk and Discussion on the influence of Swami Vivekananda on the young minds.

  6. Best out of waste.


Programme Officer: Dr. Deepmala


World Bicycle day, 3rd June, 2022

NSS Annual Fest - TAASHI-22, 7th April, 2022

Video Screening on Pariksha Pe Charcha, 1st April, 2022

Poster Making Competition on topic सशक्त महिला, समृद्ध राष्ट्र 25th March, 2022

Movie Screening on Shaheed Diwas, 23rd March, 2022

Reusable Sanitary Pad Distribution Drive, 8th March, 2022

Pleldge Taking (Offline event), 24th Feb, 2022

Online Webinar on Global hoti Hindi, 21st Feb, 2022

Plantation Drive - Rukh Langer, 14th Feb, 2022

Surya Namaskar Session on the Occasion of Republic Day, 26th Jan, 2022

Pledge Taking Ceremony on Occasion of National Voters Day, 25th Jan, 2022

Self Composed Poetry Competition (Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav), 25th Jan, 2022

आज़ादी के 75 साल: युवाओं के सामने आती चुनौतियाँ और संभावनाएँ (Azadi ke Amrit Mahotsav), 24th Jan, 2022

Omicron Variant and COVID-19 Vaccines, 18th Jan, 2022

Suryanamaskar for Vitality, 14th Jan, 2022

Speech and Slogan Writing Inter-College Competition on the occasion of Youth Day, 12th Jan, 2022

Orientation Program, 14th Dec, 2021

Webinar on Constitution Day and Civil Rights, 26th Nov, 2021

Clothes and Toys Distribution Drive 30th Oct, 2021

Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 1st Oct, 2021

Youth Voter Fesival 29th Sep, 2021

Distribution Drive by NSS 25th Sep, 2021

Webinar on Corona Pandemiv and Its Impact on NSS 24th Sep, 2021

Webinar on Prevention of Sexual Harassment, 19th Sep, 2021

Essay Writing Competition, 15th Sep, 2021

Webinar on Cancer Awareness, 26th Aug, 2021

Webinar on Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav, 14th Aug, 2021

Webinar on Evolution through Education, 9th Aug, 2021

Plantation Drive, 30th July, 2021


Programme Officer: Dr. Deepmala

Live Yoga Session on the Occasion of International Yoga Day 21st June, 2021

How to deal your Mental Health during Covid-19 19th June, 2021

Webinar on Post Covid Traffic Regulations 17th June, 2021

Webinar on Debunking Myths of Covid Vaccine 4th June, 2021

World No Tobboco Day Pledge taking Ceremony 31st May, 2021

Covid-19 Awareness and Management 23rd April, 2021

Webinar on Ambedkar Jayanti 14th April, 2021

Webinar on Animal Welfare 12th April, 2021

Webinar on Learn How to Balance Logical and Creative Mind 31st March, 2021

Webinar on Spinal Injury 20th March, 2021

Road Safety Awareness Campaign 19th March, 2021

Webinar on Women Security: Law and Responsibility 9th March, 2021

Online Yoga Session - "Benefit of Stillness and Cultivating Peace" 2nd March, 2021

Webinar on Media The Mind Maker 1st March, 2021

Webinar on Healthy Lifestyle 26th February, 2021

Workshop on Healthy Lifestyle and Stress Management 24th January, 2020



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