Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

Webinar on Basics of Stock Market Towards a Better Financial Future, 2021

Webinar Standup Against Street Harassment, 2021

Webinar on Campus to Corporate, 2021

Webinar Navi Saanjh, 2021

Webinar on Unconvention Career Opportunities, 2021

एक दिवसीय ऑनलाइन मल्टीमीडिया कार्यशाला का आयोजन, 2021

एक दिवसीय गूगल फैक्ट चेकिंग कार्यशाला का सफल आयोजन 2021

कोरोना काल में मीडिया की भूमिका' विषय पर वेबिनार, 2021

Webinar on Sudden Changes in Stock Market 2021

Webinar on Tata Strive 2021

Webinar on What after Graduation 2021

Webinar with Josh Talks 2021

Vanaj Webinar on Leveraging Career Using Social media 2021

Webinar on Cyber Crime -Harassment in Digital World 2021

Webinar on Stock Market,2021

Rubru Webinar, 2021

Webinar on Indian Leaders, Western Disciples and the Campaign Against Indenture 1911-1931, 2021

A Webinar on History and Geography in the Service of a Nation, The Concept of Natural Boundaries, 2021

A Panel Discussion on Colonialism in India, White Mens Burden or White Mens Business, 2021

Webinar On Prophet Mohammed, Rise of Islam and Crisis of Caliphate, 2021

Webinar On Campus To Corporate, 2021

Webinar On Unconventional Career Opportunities, 2021

Webinar On Spinal Injury, 2021

Webinar On Yoga: A Way Of Life, 2021

Webinar On Healthy Lifestyle, 2021

Webinar On Media The Mind Maker, 2021

Webinar On Women Security: Law And Responsibility, 2021

Webinar On Learn How To Balance Logical And Creative Mind, 2021

Webinar On Animal Welfare, 2021

Webinar On Ambedkar Jayanti, 2021

Covid-19 Awareness And Management-2021

Beyond The Tank, 2021

Public Policy Priorities for India in Post Covid Era, 2021

Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset & Fundraising Avenues, 2021

Webinar Punjabi Rangmanch,2020

Implications of Covid Caused Lockdown on the Indian Economy,2020

Seminar on Finance and Entrepreneurship, 2020

Seminar on Overseas Education, 2020

Seminar on Gain Brain Innovious, 2020

Panel Discussion on Relevance of Gandhi in the Modern World, 2020

A Webinar on the Conservation of Ajanta Caves, 2020

National Seminar Man - Nature, Through The Lens Of Eco-Criticism,2020

Webinar NAAC Criterion III - Research, Innovations And Extension, 2020

Webinar Intellectual Property Rights, 2020

Parliament in Democracy and The Role of An Individual Parliamentarian , 2020

Bapu in Contemporary Times, 2020

Enactus-The Social Entrepreneurship Club Workshop, 2020

National Seminar on Re-telling Familiar Stories: Revisiting Adaptation Studies, 2020

Two Days International Seminar On Teaching & Legacy Of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Workshop On Office Automation And Documentation For NAAC

UGC Sponsored National Seminar-The Idea Of Inclusive Development In India

Call For The Paper For The UGC Sponsored Seminar " 25 Years Of Economic Reforms: Issues, Impact And Challanges"

UGC Sponsored Two Days National Seminar  "Sahitya, Media And Ajivika Organised By Department Of Hindi

Two Day National Seminar On Revisiting Nationalism And Its Changing Contours, 2019

Kala Te Media Workshop, 2019

Guru Nanak Dev Conference, 2019

Career Options for Polictical Science Students, 2019

Urban Governance and Complaint Management System, 2019

Round Table Discussion, 2019

Talk on Deconstructing Gender, 2019

Seminar on Finance in Changing Environment 2019

Vanaj Webinar on Artificial Intelligence 2019

Webinar on First Aid safety for Youths, 2019

Seminar on IQ vs EQ, 2019

National Seminar on Coalition Politics in India Bane or Boon, 2019

One Day Seminar " India In 2030" Organisaed By SGND Khalsa College On 11th January, 2018

One Day Seminar "Disability And Modernity-Memories And Vision" On 25th January, 2018

Two Days Seminar Organised  Sahitya Or Media Main Hindi Lekhan By Hindi Department (SGND Khalsa College) On 23rd And 24th February,2018

One Day Faculty Development Programme On "Ethics In Research Education And Beyond" On 1st May 2018

One Day National Seminar Outcast Voices and [Dis]located Identities, Reconsidering "Exile" in Contemporary Narratives Organized by the Department of English, 2018

Josh Talk, 2018

A Talk with Kamla Bhasin, 2018

Seminar on How to crack IAS 2018

Webinar on How to give Effective PPT 2018

Udyamita Speaker Series, 2017

25 Years Of Economic Reforms - Issues, Impacts And Challenges, 2017

Two Day National Seminar on Trans(Gendered) Lives: Praxis of Silence and Exclusion, 2017

A Talk on Electoral Politics in Punjab, 2017

Google Ad word Workshop 2017

A National Seminar on the Idea of Inclusive Development in India, Towards an Egalitarian Society and Nation, 2017

Right Turn in Indian Polity Indian Elections 2014, 2016

Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship Workshop 2016



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