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The Economics and Business Economics Society

(Lt.) Dr. Ghanshyam Bairwa

Ms. Pravleen Kaur


About the Society

KIRT, the Economics and Business Economics Society of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, University of Delhi, derives its name from one of the golden pillars given by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji- ‘Kirat Karo’, which means to earn an honest and pure living by using skills and talents given by God.
The society profoundly aims at adding potential value to the minds with the consistent working and functioning on the business, economics, and entrepreneurship aspects. The society centralizes the conceptuality and feasibility of learnings and ideas in our surroundings. Through our annual competitive events, economics and business-based sessions and online posts, we endeavor to bring the finest blend of these concepts in a practical and exciting way. 
The major objectives of KIRT include:
Enriching the students with the knowledge and feasibility of ideas
Helping students in understanding the underlying concepts of how the economy functions through simplified yet important concepts
Balancing the presence and essence of knowledge
We as a team venture to organize numerous activities so that knowledge never stops and learning continues. Society believes in enhancing skills, which is the biggest asset one can carry. Therefore, the activities pivot on the ideas of learning. 
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Past Events
With an intent to create awareness of current economic issues we create content to reach our audience through our social media handles like Instagram and LinkedIn. Online series include events like Meme Monday, Fact Friday, Ecovision Audio Diaries and Trivia Series.
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