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Project Supporting and Empowering through Volunteering and Assistance  (S.E.V.A.) first field visit.

On-site visit at Lohar Basti , Sarai Rohilla

March 16, 2021

Project S.E.V.A commenced its first field visit at Lohar Basti in Sarai Rohilla on March 16, 2021 with 18+ volunteers and 2 lecturers. Our volunteers focused on understanding various issues and challenges faced by the community members especially after the pandemic. The team focused on four main areas including Menstrual Hygiene, Creativity, Entertainment and Problems faced due to covid pandemic.

During the visit, volunteers played various activities with kids along with educating them . The  response from the children was overwhelming. Dance performances to singing to reciting poems, it was an amazing experience for both the parties.

Female volunteers started talking about a much needed topic of the society i.e Menstrual hygiene. Ignorance and unawareness leads to many problems that otherwise can be avoided.Team took initiative to guide teenage girls about this biological process and tried to clear all the myths related to it through videos and personal experiences. They spread awareness regarding cleanliness of intimate areas and guided them to change sanitary napkins after every 4-5 hours and provided them with some home remedies for menstrual cramps. Not only this but they also taught them about the difference between good and bad touch.

Another group of volunteers started their job with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The children were geared up and were looking forward to some fun activities. So volunteers began with some creative ideas to  brighten and enlighten the young brilliant and talented minds presented over their.Since the day  was fully dedicated to children, an opportunity was given to them to show their talent through art wherein children painted their colorful hands.

Volunteers also interviewed the locals about problems faced during covid pandemic, be it financial issues or emotional breakdown.People shared their experiences on how the pandemic disproportionately hurt the poor due to lack of food, shelter and other basic needs. Volunteers tried to become helping hands of the localised people by noting down their problems and  making full use of all the government yojanas.

Overall, the visit was an overwhelming experience.

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