College has been awarded grade ‘A’ for Cycle 2 of NAAC Accreditation.

Community Outreach

Our Objectives:
• Create a sense of self-worth among students by teaching them to understand themselves in relation to their community. 
• Identify the needs or problems of people from economically weaker sections of society, and then provide students opportunities to show them ways to improve their living conditions.
• Help students acquire leadership qualities by gaining skills in mobilising community participation. 
• Stimulate self-reliance within underprivileged sections of community by letting students involve them in problem-solving by utilising their own knowledge to find practical solutions.
• Inspire students to develop a sense of responsibility within local community and empowering them to support themselves and others for sustained development.





Visit to Flag Children Home-2

Cloth Donation Drive

Visit to Flag Children Home

Drawing competition

Aziyat 2.0

Visit to Matrichhaya Orphanage

Reusable Sanitary Pad Distribution Drive

National Means Cum Merit Scholarship (NMMS Project)

This Diwali, Let's spread happiness in a unique way

Succour During Covid 19 Pandemic

Lighting New Hope in Slums!


A Ray of Hope After Covid 19 Pandemic

Civic Awareness Project

Distribution Drive

Girlup Preet -- Campus Club Under United Nations Foundation

Project Supporting and Empowering through Volunteering and Assistance  (S.E.V.A.) first field visit

Project Arthik Gyaan