Community Outreach

Our Objectives:
• Create a sense of self-worth among students by teaching them to understand themselves in relation to their community. 
• Identify the needs or problems of people from economically weaker sections of society, and then provide students opportunities to show them ways to improve their living conditions.
• Help students acquire leadership qualities by gaining skills in mobilising community participation. 
• Stimulate self-reliance within underprivileged sections of community by letting students involve them in problem-solving by utilising their own knowledge to find practical solutions.
• Inspire students to develop a sense of responsibility within local community and empowering them to support themselves and others for sustained development.




Girlup Preet -- Campus Club Under United Nations Foundation

Project Supporting and Empowering through Volunteering and Assistance  (S.E.V.A.) first field visit

Project Arthik Gyaan