College has been awarded grade ‘A’ for Cycle 2 of NAAC Accreditation.

Central Societies

The Central Societies of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College are inter-disciplinary societies that provide value addition to the academic career of the students of the college and extend their goodwill and social spirit outside the walls of the institution. The Central Societies, by acting as a conduit between the college and the social milieu of our existence, ground us firmly in the larger community of our neighbourhood and beyond. Some of the units of the Central Societies of the college directly engage with the social world located in its geographical vicinity through outreach and extension activities to provide reliefand assistance of various kinds to people who are in need. Some otherslook towards providing value additions through honing attributes that make the students better adjusted and more evolved, both socially and spiritually. Finally, these societies also put our students in touch with ideas and actions stemming from bodies and organisations that have a globalvision and purpose, thus encouraging objectives and outlook that help the students dovetail local imperativeswith global practices.