1. LOSS OF BOOKS OR LIBRAY MEMBERSHIP CARD Loss of Library book(s) or card must be reported immediately. Borrowers will be asked to pay for the book lost or replace it with a new book(s) along with the fine and binding charges if any. On loss of Library Membership Card, an FIR has to be launched. Duplicate Library Card will be issued at the library counter on the payment of Rs.100/- and a copy of FIR. The member however will continue to be responsible for any loss that the library may suffer through the loss/misuse of lost Library Membership Card.


The member is expected to return the book(s) on or before the due date stamped on the due date slip. An over due charges at the rate of Rs 2 per volume per day will be charged.

3. CARE OF LIBRARY BOOKS Books and periodicals should be checked before they taken out of the Library. Therefore, borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the book(s) before borrowing otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilation noticed later or at the time of returning the books. After using the books it should be kept at the right place in the shelf, where it has been taken out. Marking with pen/pencil is not allowed in the books, otherwise new book / book cost / fine would be charged.

4. TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP Library Membership Card is not transferable as they are token of privilege which only the members to whom they are issued are entitled. Sub-lending of book(s) is misuse of this privilege and may lead to withdrawal of membership.

5. CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE The Library Membership Card is the property of the Library and are to be returned and dues if any, paid and a clearance certificate obtained for them before leaving the college (e.g. at the time of getting CLC).

6. DISCIPLINE The Student shall keep silence within the Library premises. Any student found talking or disturbing studies in any form in the reading room of the Library shall be fined Rs.50 in the first instance. Subsequent violation of this directive will entail heavy penalty. Principal may expel any student if the presence of such a person is liable to disturb the peace. Mobile phone should be switched off before entering the Library. Students are required to co-operate for calm and healthy atmosphere in the Library.

7. PERSONAL BELONGINGS Personal belongings such as bags, cell phones etc. must not be brought into the Library. Bags if brought should be kept at the counter and mobile, cash should not be left in the bags. Outside books are not allowed in the library.