Public Domains

Subject Gateways

E-Print network

Provides access to electronic preprints available from diverse sites. It is a searchable gateway to preprint servers that deal with scientific and technical disciplines.CLICK HERE


A Web resource featuring well organized access to important university level research and educational tools on the Internet.CLICK HERE


Social Science resources available.CLICK HERE


The MathGuide is an Internet-based subject gateway to scholarly relevant information in mathematics.CLICK HERE

Pinakes:A subject launchpad

As the Internet grows in size it becomes increasingly difficult to locate relevant material. The Pinakes is a compilation of Internet resources,which links to the major subject gateways.CLICK HERE


Social Science Information System based at the University of Amsterdam.CLICK HERE

Virtual Library

Catalog of Internet resources. Indexes cover a broad range of subject areas. Each entry within a subject area links to the appropriate Internet resource and is accompanied by a brief description and a relevancy ranking.CLICK HERE


Bioline International

It is a not-for-profit electronic publishing service committed to providing open access to quality research journals published in developing countries.CLICK HERE

BioMed Central:

It is a Publisher of more than 160 peer-reviewed open access journals.CLICK HERE

The Electronic Journals Library

Offers an effective use of both scientific and academic journals publishing full text articles in the internet.CLICK HERE

It provides direct links to over 7000 scholarly periodicals which allow some or all of their online content to be viewed by ANYONE with Internet access for free.CLICK HERE

Free Medical Journals

Over the next few years, many important medical journals will be available online, free and in full-text. The unrestricted access to scientific knowledge will have a major impact on medical practice. The Free Medical Journals Site was created to promote the free availability of full text medical journals on the Internet.CLICK HERE


Alex Catalogue

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts is a collection of public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. You can search for and display texts from the collection & also search their content, & even create on-the-fly PDFs for offline reading or printing.CLICK HERE


Offers more than 2,000 free classic texts, plus research works. In HTML format, readable by your web browser .CLICK HERE

Free Books

A site which provides comprehensive web links on Best free Digital Libraries Australia; Best free Digital Libraries World; Other Free Australian Books; Other Free Book Sites/Pages in English; World - Other Languages, Regional and National; Individual Topics/Miscellaneous; Sacred Texts & Religion .CLICK HERE