VEDANG: The Debating and Quizzing Society

Dr. Archana Sharma

Shaswat Kumar


About the Society

Vedang: The Debating and Quizzing Society of the college is a popular society which provides a quality platform for students to develop their skills of inquiry and expression. It has consistently won many accolades for the college at various Debate and Quiz competitions.It conducts regular workshops for members to consistently hone their skills . The society organizes Intra-college and  Inter-college fest yearly. Inter-college fest “PRAKHAR” is important tradition in Vedang.Under these fests   It organizes multilple events such as  General and  India quiz ,Conventional,Parliamentary and turncoat debates that see the participation of hundreds of students from DU and beyond. 
Past Events
1.Vedang  held auditions in multiple rounds on  the 1st and 4th of October,2020
2. Vedang organised an inter college General Quiz compitition  on the 4th of February,2021
3.An inter college Turncoat Debate was organised  by Vedang on the 18th of February,2021
1.Siddharth singh won 2nd prize in Parliamentary debate at HansRaj College and  the 3rd prize in conventional debate in Shivaji college
2. Taranjeet singh won consolation prize  in Quiz at Rangmanch Charitable trust
3.Charu kaur Arora won 1st prize in conventional debate At Vijayant Ncc,2nd Prize at Aditi Maha Vidyalaya, Bhim Rao Ambedkar, Dyal Singh and special mention in DPSRU.
4.Satyam Kumar won 2nd prize in Ecolution Quiz at JMC 
5. Riya Singh won 2nd prize in conventional debate(team) at Ram Lal Anand college
6.Raju Bajpayee won 2nd prize in conventional debate (team) at Ram Lal Anand college.
7. Vikas Raj won special mention Parliamentary debate at BIT Mesra.
8. Praval Pratap Singh won 1st prize in conventional debate at Deendayal Upadhyaya college
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