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UDYAMITA - The Entrepreneurship Cell

Dr. Jasmine Lamba, Ms. Gurneet Kaur 

Ms. Damanpreet Kaur


About the Society

Udyamita- The Entrepreneurship Cell of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College is a platform for the youth to inculcate entrepreneurial skills, hone leadership qualities, and develop business acumen to initiate and transform ideas into viable business ventures. The Society acts as the principal source to provide the necessary impetus and intellectual basis for creating an informative environment and support mechanism for the aspiring entrepreneurs to get an insight into the startup ecosystem.
Past Events
Various events have been conducted in the past to empower the society's objective to promote the entrepreneurial spirit. Apart from conducting events like business plan competitions, student panel discussions, quizzes, treasure hunts, and such to engage students, we have also worked towards the development and enrichment of skills necessary to be an entrepreneur. Keeping this in mind, Udyamita has organised various courses, workshops and seminars on trending topics in the business world like Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, etc. We have also invited many successful entrepreneurs to enlighten the students about their success, failures and their entrepreneurial journey in general. 
Along with creating awareness and spreading knowledge, the society launched an Incubation Centre to help students pursue their entrepreneurial visions and realise them. The society created opportunities for young entrepreneurs to find mentorship from several eminent personalities, create networking opportunities, help setup office spaces and much more to realise their dreams.
To encourage students with real world entrepreneurial journeys, Udyamita launched a Speaker Series where students were given a chance to communicate with entrepreneurs and learn from their wins, losses and the journey of creating a successful venture.
With keeping the entrepreneurial theme in mind, Udyamita collaborated with SOFICA to launch Tvesh’18, to create an environment where students learn through real world simulations and games while competing with their colleagues. The event included events like E-Bazaar, Ruminate - a student panel discussion, Finders and Keepers- A Treasure Hunt. 
With the success of Tvesh’18, the society followed up with an even better Tvesh 2.0 where various crowd engaging events like Entrepreneurial Bazaar, Startup Mania, Seek the Unseek’n, KLOL, Funsteps were held. The society helped young startups gain recognition by giving them a platform throughout the event and helped them create a community of their own. It also allowed them to sell their products and gain valuable feedback. The event also included fun games like treasure hunt and a board game around financial acumen.
To teach students about the nitty gritties of the craft of entrepreneurship, a detailed session was conducted on teaching students important skills like finance management which are important life skills as well as important for their entrepreneurial ventures. This Speaker Session provided a holistic approach for developing the entrepreneurial spirit in students. We had the honour of hosting Ms. Nisary Mahesh of HerMoney Talks as our key speaker. The event was one the major highlights of the 2020-21 session and it gathered a respectable crowd from all over the nation. 
While the society focuses on entrepreneurship, it also brings important social issues to light through its platform with the help of social entrepreneurs to enlighten students on issues like women equality. A session in collaboration with Josh Talks was organised where the founder of Protsahan educated students on women rights, child abuse, and how to fight them
Glimpse of Some Events



SEO Workshop Conducted by Mrs. Gurneet Kaur

Tvesh 2.0 conducted in February 2019

E-Nexia- Entrepreneurs of the Next Generation conducted in 2020

Speaker session with Ms. Nisary Mahesh


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