Supporting and Empowering through Volunteering Assistance (S.E.V.A)

Ms. Gurneet Kaur, Ms. Komal Chhikara and Dr. Rudresh Narayan Mishra

Ms. Diksha Juneja and Ms. Mahak Gupta


About the Society

Project S.E.V.A is a volunteering program of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, University of Delhi in collaboration with the renowned NGO ‘Youth for Seva’. The name ‘S.E.V.A’ is an acronym of ‘Supporting and Empowering through Volunteering and Assistance’. As the name suggests, the program helps students contribute towards societal well-being through their volunteering activities.
The online orientation programme for this project was organised on 04th March’21 in the presence of the honorable guest, Mr.Venkatesh Murthy (founder of Youth for Seva), & Ms. Nikita Kashyap. 
The major objectives of Project S.E.V.A are-
1. To engage with the NGO ‘ Youth for Seva’ in their various activities and volunteering initiatives.
2. To organize seminars, webinars, field-visits and workshops related to the topics chosen by Project S.E.V.A from time to time.
3. To organize community outreach projects on areas including but not limited to education, health, environment and societal welfare.
Past Events
The Project commenced with an online orientation program on 04th March’21. In the program, a detailed discussion of the various projects available for students to volunteer were discussed.  The participants enthusiastically interacted and registered for various Seva opportunities.
On March 16, 2021, the Project S.E.V.A team made its first field visit at Lohar Basti in Sarai Rohilla with 18+ volunteers and 2 lecturers. The volunteers focused on understanding various issues and challenges faced by the community members especially after the pandemic. The team focused on four main areas including Menstrual Hygiene, Creativity, Entertainment and Problems faced due to covid pandemic. During the visit, volunteers played various activities with kids along with educating them . The response from the children was overwhelming. Dance performances to singing to reciting poems, it was an amazing experience for both the parties. 
Female volunteers started talking about a much needed topic of the society i.e Menstrual hygiene. Ignorance and unawareness leads to many problems that otherwise can be avoided.Team took initiative to guide teenage girls about this biological process and tried to clear all the myths related to it through videos and personal experiences. They spread awareness regarding cleanliness of intimate areas and guided them to change sanitary napkins after every 4-5 hours and provided them with some home remedies for menstrual cramps. Not only this but they also taught them about the difference between good and bad touch. 
Since the day was fully dedicated to children, an opportunity was given to them to show their talent through art wherein children painted their colorful hands. Volunteers also interviewed the locals about problems faced during covid pandemic, be it financial issues or emotional breakdown.People shared their experiences on how the pandemic disproportionately hurt the poor due to lack of food, shelter and other basic needs. Volunteers tried to become helping hands of the localised people by noting down their problems and making full use of all the government yojanas. Overall, the visit was an overwhelming experience.
After two weeks, on March 30 2021, Project S.E.V.A. in collaboration with Youth For Seva organised a training session for the students. The session was conducted by Mr. Ashish- Manager (Tata owned organization, Navi Mumbai).  Mr. Ashish highlighted and resolved the key issues of soon-to-be graduate students. He focused on sharing tips and tricks on how to crack interviews and what recruiters expect and what basic questions one should prepare for including how your personality and confidence plays a role and also the need of keeping a follow up after the interviews. The students were very satisfied with the session. 
Then, in the month of April, when the country was going through severe Covid-19 pandemic, Project S.E.V.A. in collaboration with Youth For Seva conducted a webinar on “Covid Vaccine Immunization and Lifestyle Diseases” on 26 April ,2021. The speaker for the webinar was Dr.Jyoti Laxmi.The aim of the webinar was to focus on creating positive mental health to tackle the novel coronavirus.
The speaker resolved queries of respondents along with some rumors related to vaccines. She resolved the most common questions arriving in everybodys’ mind these days such as the difference between both the vaccines , whether girls can get vaccinated on their periods? Is it safe for diabetes and BP patients to get vaccinated?Why are people being tested positive even after getting vaccinated? 
She concluded the webinar by discussing the most common side effects of the vaccines which includes fatigue , soreness where the vaccine is injected , headache , fever . All in all the webinar proved to be beneficial and informative. 
Finally, amidst the extreme phase of Covid-19 pandemic, Project S.E.V.A initiated its ‘COVID Helpdesk’ initiative. The SEVA volunteers worked relentlessly to provide verified leads to help people find oxygen, hospital, medicines, plasma, ambulance and food services. 
Since patients and their family members were clamouring for oxygen, hospital beds and medications, seeing this S.E.V.A group decided to push their efforts to gather important information about available healthcare resources and post it regularly on their social media handles after verifying it. 
The database of the verified leads is updated regularly. The team tries to respond to all of the queries received as quickly as possible. The information has been collated by several individuals and is being shared on a good faith basis. By amplifying the leads and spreading awareness through social media, the team has been able to help many in such hard times. 
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