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NZM - The Peotry Society

Dr. Deepmala



About the Society

NZM is the poetry  society of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa  College, Dev Nagar. The society organises  different event throughout the session such  as Kavya Mela, Yuva Kavi Samelan, Junoon e-kalam. Also, the members of the society participate in different competition including  National Level competitions and win prizes. The  main aim of the society is to bring out new talents  and create a platform for new generation poets. 

Past Events

• The first event was the Intra college  “Yuva Kavi Sammelan” which was held on 2nd November 2021 in which  students shown their talent by presenting their poems. 
• The second event was “Kavyamela’19” in which students from different colleges took the part  and presented their talent. 
• The first event was “Kavyamela’19”  which was held on 14th feb, 2021 in  which students from different  colleges took the part and presented  their talent. 
• The second event was “Yuva Kavi  Sammelan” which was held on 21st feb, 2021 in which students shown  their talent by presenting their  poems. 
• The third event was “Junoon-e kalam” an online poetry competition  in which students at different  college took parts and shown their  talent. 
• The fourth event was “Kavita lekhan  competition” an online poetry  competition in which students at  different college submitted their  poetry on the topic- MAA and shown  their talent.
• The first event was the Orientation  which was held on 2nd October 2020 in  which the students were introduced  about the society, it is purpose and  various activities. 
• The second event was the Recruitment Process which was held on  9th October 2020 in which the students  of 2nd and 3rd year showed their talent  and new members were welcomed in the society. 
• The third event was an Online Poetry  Competition RUHANIYAT which was  held on 23rd November, in which students from various colleges participated and showed their talent by reciting their poems on various *social  issues*’ 
• The fourth event was the re recruitment process which was held on 2 January 2021 in which the students of  first year and third year showed their  talent by reciting their own poems and  new members were welcomed in the  society. 
• The fifth event was Workshop with ex  seniors which was held on 12 January  2021 in which all the members of NZM  Society were invited and the ex-seniors  of the society guided us regarding various forms of poetries and their  presentations. 
• The sixth event was open mic which  was held on 29 January 2021 in which  various students across different  colleges from India participated and the  winners were rewarded with cash prizes.  
• The seventh event was Surlok  (Kavyamela’21) which was held on 17  February 2021 in which 50+ participants  took part, and the event was successfully conducted in a very formal  manner. 
• The eight event was Poetry workshop  in which two speakers Dr. Virendra  Singh Asst. Professor of central university of Haryana and Mr. Avichal  Bhatnagar Asst. professor of SGND  Khalsa college, Delhi university came  and shared their thoughts related to  poetry with us. 
•The first event was the Open Mic in collaboration with NSS of Sri Guru Nanak   Dev Khalsa College which was held on 29 August, 2021 in which 25+ participants took part, and event was successfully conducted.
1. Shivam Singh- 
• SGND College, Manthan Society, 
स्वरचित काव्य पाठ प्रततयोचिता (1st 
• NSS Ramanujan College, स्वरचित 
काव्य पाठ प्रततयोचिता, वसंत पंच मी 
(2nd position) 
• NSS SGNDK College, ववश्व मचिला 
चिवस (3rd position)
2. Kalash sharma- 
• NSS Ramanujan College, स्वरचित 
काव्य पाठ प्रततयोचिता, वसंत पंच मी 
(3rd position) 
3. Harsimar Singh Sodhi- 
• Roti (kisan Desh Di Jaan) Punjabi  
poetry program (1st position) 
4. Manharleen Singh Khurana- 
• Tasavur national level  
competition. (3rd position) 
• Talent hunt competition  
organised by ABVP Kalindi college. 
(1st position) 
5. Jaskaran Singh- 
• Shayari lekhan pratiyogita (3rd 
6. Richu bhalla- 
• RMC quote writing competition  
(1st position) 
7. Jatin pandey-
• Manthan poetry writing  
competition (1st position)
8. Prashant Sharma
• NSS poetry competition (1st position)
• Manthan Poetry competition (3rd position)
Glimpse of Some Events

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