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About the Society

Impasto, a very old and beautiful painting technique that leaves quite a rugged texture showing off the brush and palette knife marks and such is The Fine art society of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College. Impasto is part of the Art n Culture Society where creativity and innovations are limit less. Impasto enhances the beauty of college walls with its beautiful murals. 
Past Events
The society not only decorates and beautifies the college premises on all events starting from Orientation , Freshers Party, the Annual Fest Surlok to farewell but also represents our college in various inter college competitions. It has brought many accolades for the college. Impasto team participated and competed in numerous competitions across various Colleges and universities.
While the Covid-19 epidemic has had a negative impact on almost every aspect of life at this time, there are some areas which remain largely untouched due to being completely online. Among them are online competitions. The members were provided  a big platform to showcase their art in the field of technology, business and creativity right from home. Many colleges organised online art competitions on different arts such as Mandala - organised by Sri Aurobindo college on 2nd Oct.20. Sketch Making competition - organised by Shivaji College on 13th October, Sketch-doo-paint Competition - organised by Shivaji college on 30th January 21, Polaroid painting competition organised by Ambedkar university on 20th Feb 21, Caricature making organised by Maitreyi college on 25th February 21, our society members participated in those  events which boosted their creativity in the lockdown times. 
Society's recruitment process for the next year was started to recruit new members in the society. It took place in 3 round, 
The 1st round was the candidates were asked to  submit their 10 best artworks, after selecting candidates on their artwork next round 2 was the interview round, a personal interview round was conducted for the selected candidates after that round 3 that was the final selection of candidates and recruiting them in the society. 
During  Covid 19, the work and activities of Fine society got shifted to online mode and  The students continued with their activities and organized various events in order to keep the society in a functioning mode and engage its team members. With the guidance of the Convenors and the cooperation of members, Impasto organised an online art competition - Illustrations of mind It was an Inter College competition in which any student from any college of delhi university could participate. The theme of the competition was an Anonymous theme, anyone could prepare their artwork on any idea they wanted to showcase it. It was a live competition held on Google Meet. It was a very successful event with a good number of participants. 
An Intra - College competition was organised by Impasto, the theme of the competition was on Women Empowerment. The Competition was on Google meet, students participated with full enthusiasm and the artworks of the competition were quite complementing, and all the artworks were very creative. It was another successful live event that was organised by us. 
It was an happening and happy year for us. The students of Impasto society participated and organized various events despite of the challenges posed by the pandemic. Everyone tried to overcome the fear and tried to explore the creative person within themselves. 
Glimpse of Some Events
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