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GIRLUP ( was founded by the UN Foundation in 2010 as an  initiative to help/support UN agencies that focus on adolescent girls. The major idea is to  build leadership within individual girls, including self-confidence, personal accountability  

and long-term aspirations. Girls have a tremendous, often untapped power to change the  world. Girl Up helps girls access their inner power to advance the skills, rights, and  opportunities of girls everywhere. It is created to inspire all to join and participate in the  mission of bringing a change in the lives of young girls, women around us and to generate  awareness about Gender Equality, Gender Violence, Education, STEM for Social Good,  Sports, etc. These programs help girls to hone their skills in community organizing, goal  setting, and effective communication. Change-makers involved in the Club report noticed  confidence, higher levels of civic participation, and a stronger conviction and ability to take  action for global good. Girl Up envisions a world where every girl can reach her full  potential. 

A world where girls are empowered and our future move towards a brighter sunshine.


We believe in Expressions that Empower! 

Girl Up Preet is a change oriented social club under a global campaign of the United Nations  foundation which has been actively participating with the community to tackle and change  the gender dynamics that are extremely unacceptable in today's world. Equality is what  matters for us and we are working to establish a Society that gives equal representation and  opportunities to people irrespective of their gender or sex. Preet came into inception when  young change-oriented students of SGNDKC came together and pledged to make an impact  on the world in the best way possible. 

We at Preet are committed to provide support to every idea for the betterment of young girls.  Girl Up Preet is a group of dedicated youth who have joined together to take action and  change lives, empowering both people in their own communities and adolescent girls to rise  up simultaneously. 

Preet is a growing grassroots movement to create a wonderful world for these: girls to  grow.We believe in equal opportunity and the idea that girls can be wondrous stars. 

Preet has always been the foremost helping hand in every way possible. Amid the Covid-19  Pandemic we have maintained an active support system with the community for a better  living which is adversely affected by the deadly virus. It has affected even more the women  and girls of our society in many ways possible. Women make up 39 percent of global  employment but account for 54 percent of overall job losses. One reason for this greater  effect on women is that the virus is significantly increasing the burden of unpaid care, which  is disproportionately carried by women. With this our role becomes even more crucial to  extend a helping hand to the people in need in every way possible. We adopt multiple  strategies to improve the condition of the women. Preet believes in training women &  adolescent girls in various aspects to make them to come out of their inhibitions and to 

involve in fruitful activities that make them aware of their strong standing in the society  economically and otherwise too. The pandemic did restrict Preet from taking initiatives at  ground level but the amount of Impact we have already created via our various online events  have given us even more zeal and enthusiasm to work for the cause. Preet organised  fundraising events in the past and some awareness programme with successful people in their  respective fields to have a better sight for career development. Even during these trying times  Preet has been able to establish better communication with the women and girls around via  many ongoing virtual/online projects. 


1. Akshita Tiwari President  

2. Kasturi Iyer Vice President 

3. Radhika Chauhan Secretary 

4. Shivansh Sangwan Treasurer 

5. Manmeet Kaur Public Relation Officer 

6. Roshni Ahuja Creative Department Head 

7. Srishti Gupta Content Department Head 

8. Subhashini Neha Pandey Administration Department Head 

9. Gurbani Kaur Events and Collaboration Department Head 

10. Deepali Vigh Research Department Head 

And 10+ young leaders 


 ❖ Celebrated the week of International Women’s Day  
 ❖ Break the taboo "Kuch Toh Log Kahenge" 

Date (8th March 2021) and Venue (Instagram) 

Girl Up Preet organized its first event of the weeklong celebration of International  Women’s Day that is Break the taboo Day. It was an online campaign that was  initiated with the motive of providing women a stage to bring about their stories about  the taboos they had dealt with and have fought well against them. They were required  to record a video of 15 seconds telling how they have crushed any gender-based taboo  in the society and got a chance to be featured on our page. 

 • Group Discussion on Gender Discrimination 

  Date (9th March 2021) and Venue (Google Meet) Girl Up Preet under the aegis of IQAC, organized an interesting Student curated Group  Discussion as a part of Weeklong Celebration on International Women's Day. The  discussion addressed the sensitive topic Gender Discrimination. People were required to  share their experiences wherein they have been subjected to discrimination, stereotyped  and were oppressed because of their gender and which can cause change or awareness  among more people. 



Movie Discussion 

 Date (10th March 2021) and Venue (Zoom) 

Girl Up Preet organized it's third day of week long celebration of International Women's  Day with a fundraiser event wherein we showed people a movie, SONI and then there  was a competition regarding the storyline of the same. SONI, a young policewoman in  Delhi was working to address the growing crisis of violent crimes against women but  suffers significant professional and personal setbacks. After a fruitful discussion of an  intellectual movie, participants were needed to elaborate about their experience, and the  best write ups got a chance to be featured on our page. 


 Talk Session 

Date (11th March 2021) and Venue (Google Meet)

For a good ending to our fulfilled week, we had two amazing people with us, Ms. Prema  Sridevi ma'am, an Indian journalist who was associated with The Times Group for 12  years until 2016, becoming News Editor of its English news channel Times Now, she  joined Republic TV in 2017 as editor for news and special projects, and resigned in 2019  to start her own independent news media venture and Ms. Aditi Arora, Country  Manager for India, Girl Up Campaign, and has previously worked on projects related  to gender, health, and child protection including working for women in land mine affected countries of DRC and Afghanistan. She has spoken at various platforms on  women and intersecting issues including mental health as wells as capitalization of  social movements. It was a great evening attending two sessions packed with awareness,  empowerment, wisdom and a lot of motivation. 



 Date (5th June 2021) and Venue (Google Meet) 

Girl Up Preet organized a heartwarming session with Ms. Rachel Alice, MA  Psychology, AUD, a mental health professional and has worked in the capacity of  a researcher, volunteer and counsellor with various hospitals, clinics, ngos and  other organizations. She has been a former delegate at Harvard US-India  Initiative '21. She has presented her research on 'Mental Health of Young Adults  living with their families during the pandemic' in the 'International Conference  on Solution Focused Practices' and is currently working on a qualitative  research on the experiences of children during the pandemic. The event curated  with the thought of helping people who find it difficult to manage things  financially, mentally because of the pandemic and how to deal well with the  depression, anxiety and trauma during tough times.


Financial Literacy Workshop 

 Date (30th July 2021) and Venue (Google Meet) 

GirlUp Preet organised a wholesome webinar on Financial Literacy in  collaboration with Be.artsy. The session was facilitated by Shikha Mittal,  Founder and Director of Be.artsy. The webinar aimed on letting everyone  know basic financial concepts, how to manage personal finances and concepts  like inflation, investments and saving. There were 90+ candidates who joined  this webinar. The webinar basically focused on how to manage funds in an  adequate manner as Covid-19 has told each one of us the importance of  money. We never know when and how much funds we need the very next  moment. So, we were told various initiatives that can be taken now and will  help us in our crucial period. Many of the youngsters joined the webinar and  were planning to study abroad for the further studies. So, the main answer  regarding that was we need to think of future from now only or else we will  either have to sacrifice our dreams or we will get in trouble. 

Some of our online Events happening over  Social Media 


Uncaged Sunday, an awareness series initiated by GirlUp Preet on 24th  January on the occasion of National girl child day.  

Our aim with this series was to spread awareness about the gender based  discrimination that women face in our society. We introduced everyone to  the strong feminist leaders like, Savitribai Phule and Kamini Roy who  have worked to change the mindset of people towards women and broke  all stereotypes and leads of oppression over women.  

Both, Savitribai Phule and Kamini Roy are our inspiration and were  feature of uncaged sunday series. Being a feminist and an anti-caste  discrimination activist, Savitribai went through a lot to bring up the  

much needed reform that was education for girls and women’s rights. On  the other-hand, kamini as well was a staunch feminist who championed  causes she believed in, helped advanced feminism in india. 

Voice Out Women 

We at GirlUp Preet initiated a series of Voice Out Women, wherein women talk  about the thoughts and feelings they have towards the whole issue of  discrimination on every step they take. Rather it be patriarchy or masculine and  feminine, there a lot of double standards created by the society which needed to be  overlooked. Women aren't the only ones who suffer because of patriarchy. It  harms men too. By shaming men for being sensitive to saying that they are not  man enough if they show their feelings, patriarchy doesn't help anyone, not the  victim, and certainly not the perpetrator. From seeing the women in your house  always taking care of the household duties to being witness to catcalling by men  who you look up to - the seeds of sexist behaviour are sown right from childhood.  Despite some progress, one has to accept the fact that the change has been slow  and more needs to be done. Talk about marriage or precautions, womens are  always asked to sacrifice, not any more, there are a lot of myths created about all  of such things which need to be banned and Preet is always there to take the  initiative.


In many parts of the world, June is the ‘Gay Pride Month’, dedicated to  celebrating the LGBTQ community and their struggle against discrimination  and social ostracization. We, at Girl Up Preet took the initiative to bring forth  Pride Literacy Month. We covered different aspects of Pride community such  as, pride flag, Myths and facts, Section 377 and so on.  

Girl Up Preet celebrated pride month in a full-fledged manner. We aimed to  educate people more and more about LGBTQIA+ community. Last but not the  least, lawyers Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju were featured and  were the ones that stood against all the odds and decriminalised  




A wonderful and mesmerising initiative taken by GirlUp Preet to  

celebrate women in sports. Under this initiative, we highlighted women  that participated in Tokyo Olympics, 2020 and made our nation proud. 

We understand that women in sports are only celebrated when they bring  laurels.  

Sports, undoubtedly is the most important socio-cultural learning  experience that should be afforded by women too, that’s why we, at girlup  preet brought forward the most charismatic women across the country  who not only made us proud but also inspired every girl of our country.  Women have excelled in every week whether it is household chores or  Sports. 




To bring in some positivity and motivation, Girl Up Preet has started their bulletin in  which


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