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ENVISAGE - Environmental society for Sustainable And Greener Earth

Dr. Ashish Thomas

Akshita Tiwari and Kasturi Iyer


About the Society

EnviSAGE is the environmental society cum eco-club of SGND Khalsa College. The society is newly established by a group of highly motivated, environment conscious and prudent members who believe in the maxim, ‘Our actions today will impact the tomorrow of others’. The members of the society, who are called eco-warriors, focus on organizing activities that can empower individuals in terms of the knowledge about environmental issues and challenges that we currently face. The activities of the society include conducting, webinars/seminars with the help of experts from relevant fields, observe environment relevant days by organising various activities, events and competitions, spreading awareness through social media platforms and personal interactions, organizing nature walks, and to help in implementing of eco-friendly best practices in the college. The society also publishes a fortnightly newsletter titled RAVEN which shares news and opinion on contemporary and relevant environmental issues.
Our Motto
Today’s footprints are tomorrow’s inheritance
Our Objectives
The major objectives of EnviSAGE- the Environmental Society include:
To increase environmental awareness among various stakeholders in the college and neighbouring communities
To encourage and empower students for making eco-friendly choices, adopt sustainable best practices and inculcate healthy behaviour and lifestyle choices. 
To conduct activities in sync with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.
To collaborate with organisations working in the field of environmental research and outreach for capacity building and community development.
Our Team


EnviSAGE society takes much pride in its team of highly motivated, environmentally conscious student members, selected from across various disciplines. The members call themselves Eco-warriors, and they are engaged all throughout the year in raising environmental awareness among fellow students and also motivating them to adopt an environment friendly lifestyle, through a number of activities and events. 
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Society Newsletter: The RAVEN
In order to reach out to a wider audience and for keeping them abreast with contemporary and relevant environment related news and views, Envisage society publishers a fortnightly newsletter, The Raven. Considered to be intelligent, Raven birds have been believed to play the role of messenger in several mythologies, most recently made famous in the drama series, Game of Thrones. Thus the newsletter is aimed at spreading awareness among youth, encourage them to critically analyse the impacts of human activities on the environment and inspire them to brainstorm on possible solutions for the future. The first issue of the newsletter was released on 15 January, 2021.
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Current Issue
Our team is constantly engaged in conducting various activities in the college. These activities are mainly focussed on capacity building of young minds as well as engaging their intellectual and creative skills and talents to address various environmental issues. A list of activities conducted by the society is given below:
Posters and glimpses of some events conducted by the society
Environment awareness slides to be used during all event presentations
RAVEN, the newsletter of EnviSAGE society is released fortnightly
Vertical Garden installed in the college campus
Awareness camp about carbon footprint organized in the college campus
Students participating in a plantation drive near Karol Bagh, Delhi

Naming and documentation of plants in the campus


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