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About the Society

Encore, the English Literary Society, provides students a platform to enjoy and live literature beyond conventional classroom space. 
The society has the prolonged approach of working towards the holistic development of students and giving them opportunities to hone their organizational skills by making them design and conceive various literary activities. 
Promotion of literature is undertaken through organization of literary fests, seminars, talks by eminent scholars, theatre workshops, and creative writing workshops under the constant guidance of society convenors. 
The students work in a very cohesive and democratic manner thereby learning to work as a team. 
The society encourages the students to conduct various intra as well as intercollegiate activities of serious intellectual and academic pursuits involving discussions, paper reading sessions and national seminars as well. 
The society organises an annual literary fest, Literatus, where the students get a chance to stimulate their literary knowledge and to exhibit their own creative and imaginative self as well.
Past Events
Encore, the English Literary Society, has always focussed upon creating a space for co-curricular activities within the academic domain. 
The society consistently organizes seminars, webinars, workshops, competitions, and other such activities where students explore different aspects of literature. 
The events organized provide an insight into the contemporary trends in literature, issues of social importance, interdisciplinary curve in literary pursuits as well as it is an active platform for students to showcase their creative ideas. 
To further enhance the learning experience, the society hosts multiple events inviting experts, scholars, and academicians to interact with students on wide ranging topics.
Capacity building for professional pursuits is the focal point of the society’s activities all throughout the year. 
With a view to encouraging students to undertake research and develop the habit of original thinking, Encore held an intercollege essay writing competition on History of English Literature on 29th November 2020. Out of the seven shortlisted entries, two were identified to qualify as research papers. The concerned students were further directed to identify tutors, in their respective colleges, so as to further refine their essays under their guidance. These papers will be published in the Volume V of our college journal ‘Journal of Research and Innovation’ with due acknowledgment to the tutors who supervised their work. 
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