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ENACTUS - The Social Entrepreneurship Club

Ms. Simarpreet Kaur

Ms. Damanpreet Kaur, 
Ms. Ashmeet Kaur and Ms. Divya Gupta

Ashi Mittal


About the Society

Enactus is one of its kind society functional in our college. Enactus aims at developing an Entrepreneurial Spirit amongst its members but requires them to carry out multiple social ventures. Improving the world, quality of life, and restoration of earth’s habitable atmosphere etc, is what we aim for.
Enactus SGNDKC is a dedicated team of students with a head for business and a heart for the world. The core goal of Enactus SGNDKC is to solve a need for sustainability.
Enactus SGND Khalsa has currently undertaken two entrepreneurial projects henceforth embarking its journey.

Past Events

Beyond The Tank (BTT)  
Project Sanrakshan
Project Inara 
Enactus society had its orientation conducted on 6th Jan 2020 for the first-year students to give them a brief about what enactus society stands for and how it works. Ahead of that, the first-year students were provided with a Google form in which they had to answer some questions regarding social causes and entrepreneurship.
On 10th Jan 2020 screening round took place where the core team members sat together and chose students who were to be taken forward for the next round. On 15th Jan 2020, the group discussion round took place where the core team members’ shortlisted students for the final round based on the fluency, confidence and quality of answers to some social entrepreneurship questions. The final personal interview round took place on 17th Jan 2020 where again the core team members interviewed the shortlisted students asking their views on some current social causes and giving them case studies based on the department they chose to be a part of. 2 days ahead of the personal interview round the final list of the selected students was put out.
Project Sanrakshan is guided towards protecting and guarding the lives and health of stray dogs by devising new mediums of innovation. 
Project Sanrakshan not only helps dogs but also helps to improve the livelihood of underprivileged tailors by allowing them to produce and sell handmade dog collars.
Additionally, developing a chemical-free deworming powder for dogs, thereby immuning them against health problems caused majorly due to infestation of worms and parasites - primarily in the lungs or intestines.
Project Inara aims to empower women with entrepreneurial skills whilst combating hygiene-related diseases such the Covid-19 coronavirus, one bar of soap at a time.
Enactus SGNDKC annually organizes an inter-college entrepreneurial competition "BTT- BEYOND THE TANK", which requires the participants to come up with unique, distinctive, non-existing social entrepreneurial ideas that can help them distinguish themselves from the mediocrity. 
Just like every year, the number of participation soared this year as well reaching a new high of 97 participants coming from Chills of Jammu to humid Madras, from the land of tea- to the land of deserts with new budding and thriving ideas, the event was held for 3 days commencing from 13th Feb - 16th Feb 2021. 
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