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CERTATUS – The MUN Society

Dr. Meena Singh  

Dr. Jasmine Kaur Lamba

Rakshit Kapoor


About the Society

Certatus, The MUN Society of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College is a platform for the students  wherein they are free to discuss, debate and deliberate over the issues of National as well as  International concern. The Society was formed with the dedication and hard work of the students  namely Manan Aggarwal and Arunav Sharma. The founders being students worked hard with  motivation in order to take the Certatus to heights of success and appreciation. 
No doubt that the Society had faced certain ups and downs during the beginning years. But  ultimately, it has maintained its image over the whole MUN Circuit of Delhi as well as among  other prestigious societies of the University. Certatus is not just another cultural or co-curricular  society of the college; it is a fraternity, a family for young and enthusiastic MUNers and Debaters.  The students irrespective of the seniority have worked really hard to take this platform to another  level. Every year Certatus organizes a number of events and workshops including the prestigious  Annual Conference.
The MUN Society has provided a platform to the students wherein they can improve their  communication skills and build-up their personality traits. The society has offered ample of  opportunities to the students to showcase their talent and skills in debating. With the prime focus  of imparting knowledge; the society is well known for its "facts and research analysis" skills. The  efforts of the students and the mentors has also helped to win many awards and appreciation in  the MUN Circuit. 
For a bright future of this great Nation, it is indeed important to make good leaders and motivate  them as to create a better world. Certatus, in its real essence has tried the best of efforts to build  up a character of students, make them learn leadership qualities and face the upcoming  challenges. And the fraternity promises to keep on moving ahead on this journey of learning. 

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