College has been awarded grade ‘A’ for Cycle 2 of NAAC Accreditation.

ICT Setup


ICT in the Classrooms
Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College is equipped with seven computer labs, and uninterrupted Wi-Fi enabling both faculty and students to access the internet freely on their electronic devices. This is in addition to the access to desktop computers and laptops that are available for student use in the laboratories. 


Classrooms have overhead projectors and screens, which can be attached to laptops. In addition, two computer labs are also equipped with Smartboards. Smartboards offer an enriching learning experience with their interactive whiteboards, that allows the teachers to share visual elements with ease with the students.

The college has a G-Suite account which provides distinct emails to all faculty members, students and non-teaching staff. It enables ease of communication and facilitates the Google classroom as a safe space, as its access remains controlled by the system administrator. 

Increasing use of the internet for submission of assignments and other evaluation materials has aided in reducing use of paper, along with more efficient organization of records. Internet has also ensured classroom interaction even in the times of the lockdown. Since the college was already using ICT tools, the shift to online teaching—though not flawless—was smoother than it otherwise would have been in the absence of any ICT experience on the part of the teaching staff.

Teachers present their lectures with the help of visual aids like PowerPoint presentations, which are also shared with the library to build e-resources for the students to revisit.

The Computer Labs within the premises also cater to the specific needs of visually challenged students. Some of the facilities provided to such students are:
Braille Enabled Computers, Scanners and Readers, Talking Digital Daisy Players for recording lectures, Magic Large Print Keyboard and Magic Screen Magnifying Software.

E-learning is encouraged as a method of self-study as well through students’ access to internet resources to learn independently. In the present times, internet provides a rich trove of study materials which can help students to improve their levels of understanding of any topic being discussed in the class. 
ICT Support
The college has a dedicated staff to maintain and support the uninterrupted functioning of the ICT system. They closely monitor the college website and ERP and assist both faculty and students alike if any difficulty comes up.

The college boasts of an advanced ERP system, with state-of-the-art modules through which the faculty has access to their leave status, monthly pay slips and are able to upload lessons. The onset of the ERP payslip has led to the discontinuation of physical payslips, which prevents waste of paper. 

Teachers’ ICT Skills
Adept at using IT enabled learning tools, teachers use them to augment traditional methods of lectures and tutorials. PowerPoint presentations, Internet resources, e-books, videos, cinematic resources, online classroom spaces are some of the tools used to allow a wholesome educational experience for the students. 
The college regularly conducts webinars and workshops to enhance the teachers’ knowledge of ICT tools. For instance, an FDP on “Blended Learning” was conducted in 2020, and one in 2021 on “The Road Ahead: NEP and Pedagogies” to familiarise teachers with the changing nature of pedagogies of online teaching and learning.

The faculty members, on their own, also make efforts to keep enhancing their ICT skills by attending courses and workshops. Many webinars, FDP’s and online courses have been attended by teachers to upgrade their own capabilities.
Some Certificates attained by teachers:

During the Pandemic, most teachers have attended courses, workshops, and FDP’s to upgrade their knowledge and update themselves with the changes in online teaching. We can proudly say that the entire faculty has managed to keep the student body’s best interests in mind in organising classes, webinars and offering the best support to learning. 
The online presence of several teachers is conspicuous through their recorded lectures for the students, which are also on social media. Some teachers have also started their own You Tube channels. Dr Rajiv Midha, Associate Professor in the Department of Commerce in our college has prepared and uploaded 290 videos on YouTube. These exhaustive videos cover the entire B.Com syllabus of Delhi University. The link to his YouTube channel is: Visit Channel

Similarly, Dr. Beant Kaur, Associate Professor in the Department of Punjabi in our college has also uploaded several E-Lectures. These lectures cover topics for the paper ‘Theory of Literature and Indian Poetics’ (Sahit Siddhant ate Bharti Kav-Shastar). The link of her channel is: Visit Channel

 Ms. Prakriti Saxena, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics also has an online presence.


ICT in Library Services
Students take advantage of the e-resources, under the guidance of their respective teachers, which are made available to them through the website of the Bhai Gurdas Library of the College. These multiple e-resources also include recordings of video lectures and PPTs prepared by the faculty for the benefit of students.  

Use of ICT for Extracurricular Activities
The extra-curricular societies of the college have a strong online presence. Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms give them visibility among the student community. Several programmes have been streamed live on the college’s official YouTube channel. The links to the official social media accounts are as under:
Facebook: Visit Facebook
Twitter: Visit Twitter
LinkedIn: Visit LinkedIn
YouTube: Visit YouTube
Instagram: Visit Instagram

Apart from the official handles, most societies have their own Instagram and FB pages which they use to connect with their peers, and other audience across the world. Some representative photographs, which are by no means exhaustive, are presented here:


Future Plans for ICT Development in the College:
Since ICT is an ever-evolving field, so in order to keep attuned to the constant changes, the college proposes to introduce the following upcoming advancements:
1.    College App: Develop and introduce a mobile phone App for providing the students and all college stakeholders an ease of access to the information regarding college matters, notifications, etc.
2.    Improved WiFi: Wider access to WiFi in all corners of the campus.
3.    Upgradation of Auditorium: ICT enabled, state-of the art auditorium.
4.    Upgradation of Computers: Upgradation of desktops and other accessories with latest versions available. 
5.    Additional Seminar Facilities: Renovation of Gallery (currently used as classroom and multi-purpose venue) into a modernised Seminar Hall equipped with appropriate ICT setup. 

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