Gurudwara Sahib

The responsibility of any good institution is to provide holistic education to its students, and steer them away from rigid, narrow, and inflexible curriculum. The college accepts this responsibility by integrating spiritual education, through their participation in the activities of the in-house Gurudwara Sahib, with other skill-based courses and streams. Based upon three foundational verticals of Sikhism— namely Kirt Karo (Sing the Praises of the Lord), Naam Japo (Contemplating on the Name of the Lord), and Vand Chakho (Share Everything with the Community)—the spiritual training of the students requires them to make these teachings of the Gurus a seminal part of their daily lives. The blessings of the Almighty are invoked at the beginning of each academic year, before all semester examinations, and other important occasions. Students are encouraged to partake of the ‘Guru Ka langar’ on the Founder’s Day, and on all Prakash Utsav of Sikh Gurus, where Gurudwara Sahib becomes the main center of attraction. This allows the students to transform themselves into Lifelong Learners by instilling in them those moral values that are to be the foundation of all their lives.

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