College has been awarded grade ‘A’ for Cycle 2 of NAAC Accreditation.

Art and Culture Societies

Prof. Renu Duggal

The Art and Culture Society of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College is like a guardian canopy for smaller societies that fall under its zone of influence and supervision. These societies cut across disciplinary affiliations and unite the entire student body of the college under a spectrum of common interests and pursuits. The organisational structure, membership and the nature of activities of the Art and Culture Society is open to all eligible students of the college, irrespective of their disciplinary backgrounds. The Society aims to give expression tothe co- and extra-curricular dimensions of the college life, and to that end has several smaller units that range from exploring the aesthetics of the performing body to the intellectual stimulations of engaged minds. Art and Culture Society of the college offers a riot of sensory indulgences, its platter involving the crafts of the oral, aural and visual.The Society is the cultural nerve of the institution and attracts immense participation and enthusiastic support from the students of the college. It is also a very rich site for educating the students in the skills of leadership, governance and effective communication on an institutional scale.

The Art and Culture Society Includes the Following Societies:




Scribble Day, 2023

Orientation, 2023