Steps to Admission [PDF]



1:-Applicants are advised to consult the 'Bulletin of Information' issued by the University of Delhi.
2:-Candidate should fill the form in his/her own writing and it must be signed by him/her self.
3:-Applicants selected for admission may be counseled by the counseling/Admission committee of the college.
4:-Original documents may be retained by the college for one year. However, these certificates can be released earlier but that shall be only at the time of cancellation of the admission of the student.
5:-Every admission is provisional and is subject to confirmation by the University of Delhi.

Sports Cases

Admissions for 'sports' cases are made as per University guidelines. (Refer to University Information Brochure). Admissions will be made by the College after trials to be held on dates notified by the College.

ECA Cases

Admissions for 'extra curricular activity' cases are made as per University guidelines. Admissions will be made by the College after trials to be held on dates notified by the College.

University Examination Form

Every student must ensure and check that he/she has submitted a duly completed University Examination Form by the prescribed last date. The College shall not be responsible for any delay or non-submission of Form/Fee.


Parents of students from outside Delhi (including foreign students) should inform the College in writing the name of Guardian and submit his/her photograph at the time of admission. In case of any change in the Guardian, Parents are advised to inform the College immediately.

Compulsory Test in Hindi

All students (except foreign nationals) who have not studied Hindi at all or studied upto a level lower than Class VIII are required to pass Compulsory Test in Hindi conducted by the University. Such students should inform the College Office regarding their cases latest by August 16. However, the students who did not offer Hindi at Class X or XII level but have passed Class VIII with Hindi must submit a certificate to this effect from the Head of the School for exemption from Compulsory Test in Hindi.


The Principal has the authority to strike-off the name of any student who is irregular in attendance or is not amenable to college discipline or is guilty of negligence in study or is unfit for course chosen by him/her or is in default of payment of Fee/Fine.


Such students, who have either been held guilty of the use of unfair means in the University Examination or failed at any of the University Examinations or run short of attendance, shall not be re-admitted to any course.

Withdrawal from the college

A student wishing to withdraw his/her name from the rolls of the College must do so formally in writing. He/She is liable to pay all fees and other College dues until his/her name has been formally withdrawn. Identity Card and Library Card must be surrendered at the time of withdrawal of the name. A penalty of Rs.75/- and Rs.50/- will be charged for the non-submission of Identity Card and Library Card respectively.

Identity Card

Every student of the College is issued an Identity Card which he/she is expected to carry with him/her at all times. He/She will have to produce the same whenever required to do so. A student losing his/her Identity Card or asking for Duplicate in exchange for the previous one damaged or spoiled will have to pay Rs.100/-.

Refund of security deposit

Security deposit is refundable on application on or after leaving the College. All outstanding dues, if any, will be recovered before any refund of security deposit. If the application for refund of security deposit is not received, within three years of a student's leaving the College or the date of declaration of the results, the amount will lapse. The amount of security must be collected within three months from date of the application.


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